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Message from the Director of Volunteer Services 



Mary Doody, Director of Volunteer Services

ACR Health has a strong base of local community members interested in making a difference in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Volunteers are vital to ACR's mission to provide education, prevention, and support services throughout our nine county service area. From "hands on" support to clients, to office assistance, fundraising activities, and street outreach, volunteers enhance our capacity to be a consistent and reliable community resource.


In the early years, many of our volunteers had HIV, or had a loved one who was positive. Their energy, determination, and passion fueled the development of services, and laid the foundation for ACR's diverse support and prevention programs. These volunteers transformed their pain and fear into positive actions, and they remain an inspiration to me and to those who followed in their footsteps.


Many who once volunteered have died or moved on to other causes. Many of the services once only provided by volunteers are now available through established programs. Volunteers continue to be a valuable asset. ACR Health would not be half the agency it is today were it not for the hundreds who commit their time and energy in the fight against HIV/AIDS.



Mary Doody, Director of Volunteer Services