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Speakers and Educators


Speakers Bureau


ACR Health has speakers and educators available for presentations to community groups, schools, churches, health care providers, and other organizations. Our speakers are professional, well-researched and skilled presenters. There is no fee for their services.


Our presenters tailor their message to fit the educational needs of your audience. Topics include Safer Sex, Living with HIV/AIDS, Preventing the Spread of HIV and other STDs, How to Take HIV Medications, Sensitivity and Diversity, and other topics.


ACR Health has presented to audiences as young as six years of age, and to senior citizens.


To read a news story about the ACR Speakers Bureau, click here.


To learn more about or schedule a presentation, contact ACR Health at 1.800.475.2430


HIV 101


Educators from ACR Health are available to speak to school and community groups about HIV prevention. We have worked with senior citizens and children as young as six. Most presentations are in junior and senior high schools, colleges, scouting and other youth groups and churches. The HIV 101 presentation takes about an hour. Call 1.800.475.2430 to schedule a presentation.


For more information from the New York State Department of Health about HIV/AIDS:




Confidentiality Workshops


New York State’s Confidentiality Law:


  • requires that information about HIV and AIDS is kept confidential;
  • requires that anyone receiving a voluntary HIV test MUST sign a consent form first;
  • strictly limits disclosure of HIV-related information;
  • requires that when disclosure of HIV-related information is authorized by a signed special HIV release, the person who has been given the information MUST keep it confidential; and
  • only applies to people and facilities providing health or social services, or who obtain the information pursuant to a special HIV release.

ACR Health offers confidentiality workshops for any agency, health or social services care provider, or employer who wants to understand and implement the state law.


Contact ACR Health at (800)475-2430


HIV/AIDS in the Workplace Workshops


HIV/AIDS is the second leading cause of death among all Americans ages 25 to 44. More than half of the workforce is in this group! Employers can prevent loss of productivity, loss of morale, and possible litigation due to HIV/AIDS in the workplace.


One in six large U.S. worksites (with more than 50 employees) has an employee or employees with HIV infection or AIDS.


One in 15 small worksites (with fewer than 50 employees) has an employee or employees with HIV infection or AIDS.


People with HIV/AIDS are protected from discrimination in the workplace under federal laws. If your workplace is not prepared, HIV/AIDS can adversely affect your legal and health care costs and the productivity of your employees.




  • Know the facts
  • Eliminate unfounded fear
  • Increase employee sensitivity about HIV/AIDS
  • Create a proactive workplace to avoid potential discrimination
  • Lower your costs through prevention and help your employees understand how to reduce their risk of HIV infection
  • Build a supportive environment and implement workplace education to help increase the ability of employees with HIV/AIDS to remain productive



ACR Health can provide on site, customized presentations for employees, supervisors, and human resource managers. Topics include:


  • Employee Disclosure of HIV Status
  • HIV Confidentiality Law
  • Maintaining Confidentiality
  • Discrimination Prevention
  • Reasonable Accommodation
  • Managing Co-workers’ Fears
  • Manager Resources
  • Community Resources

Based in Syracuse, Utica, Auburn, Watertown, Oswego, and Canton, ACR Health is the most comprehensive provider of HIV-related prevention, education, and support services throughout the Central, Northern, and Mohawk Valley regions of New York State. With more than 30 years experience providing a comprehensive array of training programs, ACR Health can tailor presentations to meet your company’s needs.


For more information call (800)475-2430


Information Resources


Do you want to:


  • Educate young people about how to avoid HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases?
  • Connect gay, lesbian, transgender and bisexual youth with resources to live a safe and normal life?
  • Show injection drug users how to reduce their risk of contracting HIV/AIDS?
  • Instruct pregnant women how to protect their child from HIV?
  • ACR Health has an extensive library of pamphlets, literature, videotapes and DVDs that educate about HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment.


We will make these resources available to you. For more information, call (800)475-2430