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Women's Prevention Services


Health Education and Risk Reduction Services for Women


The New York State Department of Health Women’s Initiative teaches women how to take charge of their lives and sexual safety, and how to decrease their risk and their partner's risk of getting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.  


Women's Prevention Services offers HIV and STD prevention and related services for women ages 18-65 throughout ACR Health’s nine county service area by utilizing the Safety First Outreach mobile units in Syracuse, Utica, and community settings in Watertown to counsel individuals about risk reduction. Women's Prevention provides evidence-based group interventions, and provide confidential HIV, viral hepatitis, and STD screenings in the mobile units and in approved community settings. 

The Women’s Initiative is funded through a yearly $193,735 allotment from the New York State Department of Health.  Its goal is to decrease the rate of HIV/STDs among women living in Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown, New York, and their male partners.



Program Services:

Community Street-based outreach: face-to-face risk reduction sessions, distribution of HIV/AIDS, STI, and hepatitis written materials and supplies, skills-building demonstrations, and referrals. 

Individual Risk Reduction Counseling: Comprehensive one-on-one risk HIV/STD reduction counseling sessions to reduce risk for the acquisition and/or transmission of HIV/STDs. 

Educational Groups (Utica, Watertown, and Syracuse): A six-session intervention addressing influences that place women at risk for HIV/STDs. 

Educational Groups (Watertown): A single-session, video-based HIV/STD prevention session to encourage condom use and negotiation skills. 

Rapid testing for HIV, Syphilis, and Hepatitis C, and Chlamydia & Gonorrhea urine screenings are available at ACR Health offices, designated community-based locations, and at street-outreach sites in Syracuse, Utica, and Watertown. 



Call ACR Health at (800) 475-2430 to talk to a Prevention Health Advocate in the Women's Program or email us at woman@ACRHealth.org.